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    Shawn Jackman (Jack) CWNE#54 is a personal friend and has been a mentor to me for many years.  I've had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Jack for 4 years. Jack is a great teacher who takes complex 802.11 standards and breaks them down so almost anyone can understand the concept at hand. I'm excited for you brother. Great job and job well done! Put another notch in the belt!

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MetaGeek - Gestalt IT Wireless Tech Field Day 

I would like to thank MetaGeek for their participation in the Gestalt IT – Wireless Tech Field Day. There product advancement was an eye opener for me ….

MetaGeek Presenters

Ryan Woodings - Chief Geek

Trent Cutler -  The "Intern"


MetaGeek presented their Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer Pro product. The presentation covered a live demo of both products. Ryan started off with a review of their humble beginnings, which covered a bit about their financials.

Ryan is a software geek who loves to hack software. Did you know Ryan got the idea of a spectrum analyzer because he was troubleshooting a WiFi mouse interference issue?

MetaGeek is self funded, no VC injected and they are a profitable company. And if you didn’t know, they are not a Silicon Valley company. They’re actually located in good ol’ Boise, Idaho. Keeping the RF real in the land of the Potato.

In 2005, while working on some cool short-range wireless technology, our office had a single spectrum analyzer shared amongst a team of engineers. It was big, cumbersome, and expensive. I was tired of having the spectrum analyzer cart in my cubicle, so one night I starting hacking some firmware and software to create the first Wi-Spy. Sure, it wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as the Agilent spectrum analyzer I had been using, but it was a lot smaller and easier to use, which was pretty cool. I figured maybe other people would think it was cool too… and the rest, as they say, is history Today MetaGeek is a small tight-knit team of folks (mostly geeks) that strives to create easy-to-use wireless troubleshooting tools.
- Ryan


Product Focus

I was an early MetaGeek adopter. I have to admit, I hadn’t kept up with their continued product advancements. I will say, that’s my loss! I was very very impressed with their product focus during the presentation. These guys love what they do and their passion was immediately noticed within minutes into the presentation.

Their product line covers 900, 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrums. All of which, is in a USB form factor #WINNING. MetaGeek ‘s products are at a price point that allows even the network generalist and you wired guys to jump into wireless spectrum analysis without breaking your wallet!

I  was surprised to learn how much customer interaction goes on at MetaGeek. If you have an interference capture and you aren’t quite sure what it is. Zip up the capture and send it off to Trent (the guy with the Bieber haircut – Sorry Trent) and he will help analyze it with you.  Having that personal vendor attention is just another added MetaGeek bonus.

MetaGeek also presented an iPad app which is under development. Don’t get excited it currently only replays captures and doesn’t take capture readings. But still, what a great tool to demo in front of a customer or class or to analyze offline.

MetaGeek is focusing efforts on adding signatures and tightening up their duty cycle readings in future releases. They are also looking to improve their remote capture capabilities.


Im a fan and you should be too! These guys are like you and me (true geeks) who love what they do and have a passion doing it …

In the next few weeks I will be dedicating space to Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer Pro captures here on Why, because Im sold on their product and their dedication to helping the WiFi community by providing RF Spectrum products at a price point for guys like you and me!

Support these guys!

Contact Information


Twitter: @metageek

Gestaly IT Links


Each Wireless Tech-Field Day delegate received a product sample of the following:

(1) Wi-Spy DBx Pro
(1) Chanalyzer Lab Software
(1) Chanalyzer Pro Software
(1) Device Finder Directional 2.4GHz antenna
(1) Offical Wi-Spy Interference Test Kit (Popcorn!)
(1) Kick ass lunch box!



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Reader Comments (2)

I never really considered them before. Maybe I should take a look at their offerings. Thanks for the post!

March 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMark Mendoza

George hope its all going well, been trying to get a date wwith these guys for a while to pick up some freebies, lucky man.

WIll they be doing this in the UK?

March 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPete

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