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Cisco: 802 11 frames with Cisco VIP George Stefanick

Fluke Networks: Minimize Wi Fi Network Downtime

Aruba: Packets never lie: An in-depth overview of 802.11 frames

ATM15 Ten Talk “Wifi drivers and devices”

Houston Methodist Innovates with Wireless Technology

Bruce Frederick Antennas (1/2)


Bruce Frederick dB,dBi,dBd (2/2)

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2.4 GHz Channel Overlap




  • CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-204
    CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-204
    by David D. Coleman, David A. Westcott, Bryan E. Harkins, Shawn M. Jackman

    Shawn Jackman (Jack) CWNE#54 is a personal friend and has been a mentor to me for many years.  I've had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Jack for 4 years. Jack is a great teacher who takes complex 802.11 standards and breaks them down so almost anyone can understand the concept at hand. I'm excited for you brother. Great job and job well done! Put another notch in the belt!

IEEE 802.11a/g/n Reference Sheet


LWAPP QoS Packet Tagging



Interference Types


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About Registering for Exams

Register for Exams

Certification exams are offered at locations throughout the world. To register for an exam, contact Pearson VUE, the primary test delivery partner for Cisco, who will administer the exam in a secure, proctored environment.  Cisco and Pearson VUE continue to lead the way to protect the value of your certification.  We continually look for  new and improved ways to protect personal investments in Cisco certifications  and ensure that individuals who achieve certification possess the specified skills and knowledge.


How to Register for an Exam

1. Decide which exam to take, noting the exam name and number (35X-XXX). To see a complete list of active exams please refer to the Current Exams and Exam Outlines webpage for exam details.


2. Gather personal information prior to exam registration

  • Legal name (from government issued ID)

  • Cisco Certification ID (i.e. CSCO00000001) or Test ID number

  • Company name

  • Valid email address - Cisco requires a valid email to send email reminders when a candidate's certification is about to expire, confirm the mailing address before shipping out the certificate and to inform candidates if their certificate was returned due to an incorrect address.

  • Method of payment

  • If you have ever taken a Cisco exam before please locate your Cisco Certification ID (i.e. CSCO00000001) before continuing with your registration to avoid duplicate records and delays in receiving proper credit for your exams.


3. Pearson VUE is the Cisco authorized test delivery partner. You can register online, by telephone, or by walk in (where available).


Pearson VUE

  • In U.S. and Canada visit Pearson VUE online or call Pearson VUE at 1-877-404-EXAM to register for an exam.

  • Outside U.S. and Canada, check Pearson VUE for more information.

  • In the U.S. and Canada, exams may be scheduled up to six weeks in advance, and as late as the same day.

  • Candidates must wait five (5) calendar days from the end of their first attempt before retaking the same exam. Refund policies vary by authorized test delivery partner.


Related Information

  • Read About Exams for policies and procedures.

  • Exam Discounts, Vouchers & Promotional Codes, please refer to this page if you plan on using a Voucher or Promotional Code.

  • Check Current Exams for more information about specific exams, including recertification exams.

  • Review certification pages to learn about courses and materials available to prepare for exams.

  • Written Exam Expiration (for CCIE & CCDE candidates) Candidates must make an initial attempt of the CCIE lab exam or CCDE Practical Exam within 18 months of passing the related written exam. Valid passing scores on written exams expire after 18 months.


What Do Exams Cost?

Prices are in US dollars or equivalent worldwide

  • CCIE and CCDE written exams are $350 USD. Payment is made directly to the authorized test delivery partner Pearson VUE
  • CCIE lab exams are $1,400 USD. Payment is made online via credit card or wire transfer


VUE Promotions

Cisco offers promotions from time to time that target different audiences and have differing rules and time limits. Eligible participants will receive an email invitation to participate.  Please ensure that the Certification Tracking System and VUE have your correct email address.


Retaking Exams

  • Candidates may only take a beta exam once.

  • Candidates who fail an exam must wait a period of five (5) calendar days, beginning the day after the failed attempt, before they may retest for the same exam. Once passed, a candidate must wait a minimum of 180 days before taking the same exam with an identical exam number.

  • Candidates who violate these policies are violating the agreement. Such conduct is strictly prohibited as described in the Cisco Candidate Conduct Policy