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  • CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-204
    CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-204
    by David D. Coleman, David A. Westcott, Bryan E. Harkins, Shawn M. Jackman

    Shawn Jackman (Jack) CWNE#54 is a personal friend and has been a mentor to me for many years.  I've had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Jack for 4 years. Jack is a great teacher who takes complex 802.11 standards and breaks them down so almost anyone can understand the concept at hand. I'm excited for you brother. Great job and job well done! Put another notch in the belt!

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Thrusday Aug. 26th ~ JC.Bogard

Onward and upward...

Little by little I have been addressing the topics/materials for my CWNAtest. Really though knowing the information is more helpful than thecertification, but I have seen several job posting requiring a CCNA andpreferred CWNA. I am a bit tardy and delinquent with my updates. I amplanning to take a stab at the Certification before the end of the month tohopefully be able to retain enough for passing but if not I believe it isgood to see how they have the questions laid out. I have seen many Ciscotests over the past nine years and not all are the same. The types ofquestions and the wording are both a nice mix to through one off. I ampreparing to purchase the Boson NetSim to work with towards my CCNP. Back tothe topic. The resources I have been using are mostly the book anddictionary from CWNP. This weekend I will be fully engulfed in the blogs andreading over the questions and there answers to ensure my understanding isas tho as possible.

Updates to come in over the week end...

John Christopher Bogard, CCNA


June 25, 2010 ~ JC.Bogard

Summer is here and it is hot in Florida, school is out and the kids are homeand time is ticking by day by day. Studies have been a mute point for a fewweeks. Checking the calendar and seeing when I have to get this done whilesuffering from a lack of desire brings me full circle again. So what have Ibeen doing? I have purchased a few training aids for the iPad (videos), moreflash cards and conformation on my Wireless LAN controller delivery wasmade. So I guess I have been studying but not as much as I need to orshould while addressing health issues.

Two of the fields that continue to change and progress are Security andWireless; tele-presence along with routing and switching keep getting new"tweaks" to them as well but with in the first two listed those fields arecontinuing to grow. As I have read recently that they are changing weeklywith new approaches and vulnerabilities being found. So the desire is there- it is just buried a bit with a few other concerns. No worries though asall be be addressed and I shall fall into my slip stream and progressforward going onward and upward. Still liking the Cisco base of productscompared to others but I am becoming more aware of the other vendors andthere offerings. I was reading over an offering from Firetide today for MESHwith wires. OK So the to get done list is as follows:

Two exams to take, CWNA and CCNA Wireless (maybe get my CWSP as well)Place Dry erase board in bedroom with list of topics and chapters to drillinto my personal knowledge base.Keep the children busy so I can study as much as humanly possibleAnd keep my updates here updated...

One thing I am going to check into is developing better study habits. I haveread over how the others are planning on going about there studies and theydo seem like sound practices. I know that Rick, listens to the audio fileswhile driving regarding the different topics and Darby, well I think he isjust a learning machine. Hmmm, I wonder if I were to go to a hypnotist iffavorable habits can be instilled in ones subconscious. Better yet, continueto have audio files playing in the back ground as our minds absorbs all fthe events in our surroundings at all times.

Time to get at it and get back on the CWNP and CLN forums.



John Christopher Bogard, CCNA


June 8, 2010 ~ JC.Bogard

Well what is there to say, except that when going into a differenttechnology there are new theories to learn and it can get really truing attimes. It would most likely be a lot faster in do if I were doing this atwork or in library somewhere but I am not.

I read in another blog where someone had just achieved his second CCIE andit appears from my understanding of how things were worded that boredomaffects us all when it comes to amassing all of the the theories in to ourgray matter. Really good to know that.

I strayed back off into Cisco land again. I think it would be really greatis CWNP.COM were to make/have training modules available for mobile devices.Little videos one can place on a device and listen to when ever they want orcan make the time. One of the odd things is that while reading something itoften appears to be nothing more than common since. Using "cheap" parts willresult in a less than disable signal strength or the same with the gear oneis using.

I truly like quality things and they are expensive. So in manning up to theplate it is back to the book and prepare for an early August test. No datein my mind yet but the sooner I know the details the better off I will be.




May 25, 2010 ~ JC.Bogard

May 25, 2010 ~ JC.Bogard

Well, my idea of bridging one of the 1220b AP did not work. The deviceshave one radio in them each. I noted this after I started familiarizingmyself with them. Between the GUI and the CLI a lot of fun. I have to admitthat the studies have not progressed as they should up to this point. Thereis a lot of route memorization in this process without the options of testthe ideas… Basically it is not the same type of learning I am used to. Ihave always been able to read information and then comment it to a commandline or via a GUI or something of that nature. Well I stand/sit corrected,committing the OSI layers to memory there was noting to test that out onexcept understanding what happens at the different layers compared to theDOD/TCPIP model. I can honestly say that my respect level for CWNAs has goneup, I am going to push on through this and commit it to memory which is alot harder for me than read trying and seeing what happens when you changeoptions/features.

I shall have a Airespace 4101 and a few more APs to play with. The lab thatI am going to set up will consist of a few of my 2620s, 3550, 2924, various2500 series and the 4101, and various APs (mostly Cisco with a Westel andNetgear thrown in the mix) (. Hopefully this will be beneficial that my lastgo at a bridging lab went… nowhere.

Wireless is very interesting for all of the various ways it can be used andthinking of other ways to use it. I think that comes down to anything youcan do on a wired network you can do via wireless as well. I even thought ofan RC plane controlled from with in a wired network to an antenna for the RFsignal to be broadcast for the plane. May the force be with you!



May 12, 2010 ~ JC. Bogard

Studies… oh my. Trying to study can be a chore unto it self. Grasping thetopics is one thing, having the time to do it is something all togetherdifferent itself. I am on to Chapter 4 and will have to continue to revisitthe RF Math until it is 100% concrete in my mind. There is a lot of topicsthat appear to over lap from my Cisco reading which is good as some of themare more in-depth and you really can not know to much about a topic. On themend with children & learning.

Some ideas have come to mind with the APs I was able to get my hands on.Using on radio to bridge a connection and the other to act as an accesspoint or I could bridge one and use the other as a repeater. Planning ontrying some of this out this evening and will post tomorrow on how it goes.Now I see that all of the spacing is correct in what I have written… will itappear that way after posting is yet to be seen.